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Art dictionary for artists, collectors, students and educators in art production, criticism,      history, aesthetics, and education. You will find definitions for more than 3,300 terms used in discussing visual culture, along with thousands of supporting images, pronunciation notes, great quotations and cross-references.
1.  Χρώμα, αντίθεση και διάσταση - Colour, contrast and dimension

   Bronze Casting Foundry

The World Artists Association (WAA) was formed in 1997 to promote art and artists around the world.

O P EN    S T U D I O S

Open Studios presents an opportunity to meet artists in their studios or workplace and see them at work. Participating artists will be opening their studios to the public on selected weekends tgiving visitors the unique opportunity to meet them and speak about their creative process in a relaxed andinformal setting..

This interactive arts gateway will give you access to artists, museums, galleries, high quality art, art history, arts education, antiques, dance, theater, classified ads, resume postings, arts chats, discussion forums and much more.

Sculptor.Org - A Comprehensive Resource for Sculptors Here are resources related to sculpture on and off the internet. Help make it a useful tool for sculptors and those interested in sculpture. Enjoy !   If you want to advertise for a sculptor or have a sculpture made, add a listing at  Sculptors Wanted or Commercial Sculptors Wanted
National Gallery, London The National Gallery, London, houses one of the greatest collections of European painting in the world. These pictures belong to the public and entrance to see them is free



Tate Britain is the national gallery of British art from 1500 to the present day, from the Tudors to the Turner Prize. Tate holds the greatest collection of British art in the world, including works by Blake, Constable, Epstein, Gainsborough, Gilbert and George, Hatoum, Hirst, Hockney, Hodgkin, Hogarth, Moore, Rossetti, Sickert, Spencer, Stubbs and Turner. The gallery is the world centre for the understanding and enjoyment of British art, and helps promote interest in British art internationally


Tate Modern is Britain's new national museum of modern art.Housed in the former Bankside Power Station, Tate Modern displays the Tate collection of international modern art from 1900 to the present day, including major works by Dalν, Picasso, Matisse, Rothko and Warhol as well as contemporary work by artists such as Dorothy Cross, Gilbert & George and Susan Hiller

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is the second largest art museum in New York City and one of the largest in the United States

The Museum Of Modern Art was founded in New York City in 1929. It was the first museum to devote its programs and collection entirely to the modern movement, and the quality and diversity of the Museum's collection offers an unparalleled overview of modern and contemporary art

Le Louvre - Paris

Established in 1793 by the French Republic, the Louvre Museum, in the company of the Ashmolean Museum (1683), the Dresden Museum (1744) and the Vatican Museum (1784) is one of the earliest European museums



The Salvador Dalí Museum opened to the public in Florida on March 10, 1982.


The Van Gogh Museum is located on the Museumplein in Amsterdam, between the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum.

Museum Entrance 


The Andy Warhol Museum is located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, The Warhol is one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and is a collaborative project of the Carnegie Institute, Dia Center for the Arts, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. Opened in 1994, the Museum features extensive permanent collections of art and archives on one of the most influential American artists of the twentieth century. It is also a primary resource for anyone seeking insights into contemporary art and popular culture

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York since 1870,  contains more than three million works of art from all points of the compass, ancient through modern times
The Smithsonian American Art Museum is the home of the largest collection of American art in the world. Its holdings—over 37,500 works—represent the most inclusive collection of American art of any general museum today, reflecting the nation's ethnic, geographic, cultural, and religious diversity
Guggenheim Museum -New York, Bilbao, Venice, Berlin
European and American new forms of art
Fotis Kontoglou and the Modern Greek Painting

By Fotis Kontoglou

Cyprus Art Gallery is a new well designed website giving the chance to Cypriot artists to exhibit their creations through the Internet to all over the world.

  Contemporary figurative art