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All “Regular” and “Honorary” members of the “United Visual Artists of Cyprus” have the right to present their artwork at a personal webpage at the official website of the “Association”. The website cost is as follows: 

1.     PLAN A                                                                                                    

One Page - 40 Payable only once. Link of the artists name from the membership list to a single page containing the following:

1.1.          The artists biography and photograph

1.2.          Address, telephone and email

1.3.          A single artwork of the artist in a photograph

2.     PLAN B                                                                                              

Upgrade of the one page to many. Every page will be charged 20 each  (charged only once)

     2.1     Yearly fee 20 for the personal website

     2.2     Every other photograph will be charged 1 fee, once                                                               

3.     PLAN C                                                                                               

Linking with a pre-existing web page of the artist will be free of charge

4. Plan D

Full presentation of the artwork and biographical information of the artist. The artist is obligated to donate one of his or hers artworks that will be agreed to the webmaster and additionally 15% of any sales of his works through the website.  There is no yearly fee charge.

5.  PLAN Ε                                                                                              

Galleries fee is 100 year. May host other artists in their web page.  Each photograph inserted on the pages will be charged 1 once.


NOTE: All text and photographs supplied should be in digital form on a compact disc (CD). Artists may have as many photographs of their artwork at their website as they wish.

For more information, please call:

Phylactis Ierides

Mob. 99681967, Tel. 25381324