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1.      This Association shall be known as the "Cyprus Visual Artists' Association” and was founded in Larnaca. The Logo of the Association shall carry the Greek initial letters  ”E.E.K.K.” representing two human figures side by side.


The Logo of the Association         The Stamp of the Association

2.      Purpose:

To promote and encourage artistic creativity in Cyprus, preserve the right of free artistic expression and art work in all forms of the visual arts and protect the interests of all artists involved.     

2.2.           Organize artistic events and exhibitions, realize informative publications leaflets for its members and the public, keep a register for artistic activities of its members and generally contribute in the promotion of art creation in Cyprus and abroad.

     2.3.           To keep in contact and cooperate with artist associations in Cyprus and abroad.


3.      Means:

3.1.           By organizing scientific seminars, lectures, symposia, exhibitions, announcements and by any other legal means, which the the “Board of the Association” or the “General Meeting” either directly or indirectly consider fit to realize the purposes of the “Association”

3.2.           By the creation and development of relations, meetings and activities of the “Association” with other Associations, Organizations in Cyprus and abroad.

3.3.           By any suitable and legal means for the realization of the purposes of the “Association”





4.      Membership Classes:

 There shall be three (3) classes of membership in the “Association”:

4.1.           “Regular”

4.2.           “Honorary”

4.3.           “Friend and Benefactor”

5.      Regular:

      5.1.           Individuals of legal age, who are occupied in the visual arts. May vote and be voted.

5.2.           The capacity of Regular Membership is bestowed after the approval of the “Board of Directors” after a simple vote of majority of the present members.

     5.3.           All the personal information needed for the membership should be included in the application for membership and after a proposition by two regular members.


6.      Honorary:

6.1.1.                 The Honorary Membership is awarded after a proposition by the “Board of Directors” and approval by the “General Meeting”, as recognition for outstanding services in the field of the visual arts. Entitles the bearer to take part in the “General Meetings” and carry the special “United Visual Artists Association” identification card.


7.      Benefactor and Friend:

7.1.           Any Individual helping the "Cyprus Visual Artists' Association financially or otherwise, after a proposition of the “Board” and approval by the “General Meeting”. Entitles the bearer to take part in the “General Meetings” and carry the special “United Visual Artists Association” identification card.


8.      Member Rights:

8.1.           The right to vote and be voted.

8.2.           The “Regular Members “are obliged to pay a yearly fee of £10,00. In the case that a “Regular Member” delays the payment of his yearly membership fee after two consecutive years and does not respond to a written notification by the “Board”, then the member is stricken out as member of the “Association”.

8.3.           Every member that has all his financial responsibilities to the “Association” settled is allowed to take part in the “General Meetings” of the “Association”.

8.4.           Every member can take part in the activities and events of the “Association” and be informed for them.


9.      Membership Responsibilities:

9.1.            Every member is obliged to abide by the rules regulations of these by-laws and to any new regulations or decisions voted in by the “Board” and the “General Meeting”.

9.2.           All members are obliged to accept and fulfil their obligations entrusted to them by the “General Meeting” and the “Board”.

9.3.           The members are obliged to:

9.3.1.       To guard the property and interests of the “Association”.

9.3.2.         To abide by the by-laws and decisions of the “General Meetings” the “Board” and the “Board Members”.

9.3.3.        Not to be involved in any act, which is contrary to the purpose and the interests of the “Association”

9.3.4.       To be of good standing and behavior.







10.1.       The “General Meeting” is the highest  instrument of power of the “Association”, where all regular members participate and are distinguished in regular and extraordinary meetings.

       10.2   All “Regular Members”, that have their financial obligations to the “association” settled, are entitled to vote    at the “General Meetings”